Sale of Swiss Real Estate

If you are in the market for selling a high end property, we can help you.

Very often sellers put the property on the market with 3-4 brokers, who work in different ways.
They have different descriptions, marketing etc. Often the property is advertised twice or more in the same Magazine due to a lack of coordination between the brokers. The owner of the property needs to follow up on each agency to be updated on the status of the sale.

Safe time and get better results!

We have more than 20 years of experience in this kind of management. We ensure that the target group is clearly defined and the best real estate agents are found and screened. We create a marketing plan, pictures etc, and we coordinate who is doing what and when. We follow up on each agency until the property is sold.

We have a more efficient way of dealing with Swiss property matters because we have applied the experience we have gained in dealing with properties in Denmark, France, Germany, Spain and Monaco. Most estate agents in Switzerland only have experience in Swiss matters, which limits them somewhat.

In our experience, things can take a long time, once a buyer has chosen a property there are still many things that have to take place before the sale can go ahead. As your advisor we coordinate a speedy execution of this process and we ensure that as little time as possible is waisted by the Notary, townhall etc.

Many sellers use us as their advisor with the following benefits, to name a few:

Advisor to the seller of a Swiss property

  • We define the target group of purchasers
  • We find the most serious estate agents and ensure ongoing evaluation and professional marketing
  • We also use our own extensive register of buyers
  • We advise the seller on financial matters, the legalities etc and take care of everything until the end
  • We follow up on the estate agents regularly (this has produced some great results)
  • The seller don´t need to use time on following up on everything. We make it all
  • We are not a price-raising intermediary
  • We can help in financial matters too

If you wish to sell your Swiss property,
we can present you with a thorough and concrete proposal for optimizing the sale.

The difference between that the seller coordinate himself or use us as his advisor, can be illustrated like this:

The seller works on his/her own

Sell the Best Way

The seller use us as his/her advisor

Sell the Best Way
Helle Skovby

Helle Skovby

Real estate agent


Michael Skovby Nielsen

Michael Skovby Nielsen

Tax and financial advisor


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