Purchase of Swiss Real Estate

If you are in the market for purchasing a high end property, we can help you.

We don´t only look into our own portfolio of properties for sale, but we look into the hole market for you.

Tell us your wishes and needs and we make the search and selections. At our homepage you will only find some few properties as some examples.

We have a more efficient way of dealing with Swiss property matters because we have applied the experience we have gained in dealing with properties in Denmark, France, Germany, Monaco and Spain. Most estate agents in Swiss only have experience in Swiss matters, which limits them somewhat.

Many buyers use us as their advisor with the following benefits, to name a few:

Advisor to the buyer on the purchase of a Swiss property

  • Our techniques from other countries mean that the Swiss sellers see us attractive buyers
  • Therefore, we can very often acquire properties at great prices
  • Our international experience helps protect buyers against bad purchases
  • The Swiss estate agent is obliged to look after the seller's interests and not the buyer's
  • We look after the buyer's interests exclusively and have access to the hole market
  • The buyer does not need to speak with a lot of agents. We take care of that
  • We can help in financial matters too

If you wish to purchase a Swiss property, we analyses your wishes and needs and come up
with a concrete purchase strategy and a plan for which form the purchase of the
property should take

(all depending on your family situation etc.).

The difference between that the buyer find the property himself or use us as his advisor, can be illustrated like this:

If the buyer works on his/her own

Purchase the Best Way

If the buyer use us as his/her advisor

Purchase the Best Way
Helle Skovby

Helle Skovby

Real estate agent

Email: hs@helleskovby.dk

Michael Skovby Nielsen

Michael Skovby Nielsen

Tax and financial advisor

Email: mn@helleskovby.dk

We are at your disposal at phone no. +33 64 06 16 500 or +33 64 39 14 317