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Why relocate to Switzerland?

When you consider to relocate to another country, many questions comes up of course!
How is the life in Switzerland? Can I just move to Switzerland? Etc, etc.

With this information site, we will try to answer (shortly) your questions.
But the best way is to take a meeting with us – maybe on Zoom, Teams, Skype, phone or similar – to get answers on your questions.

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But why relocate to Switzerland, was the first question?

People and families are of course very different. But what we have heard during many years of experience is,
that the most important reasons, why clients move to Switzerland, is:

  • High class of security – low criminality
  • Switzerland is extremely well organized and efficient
  • Not bureaucratic
  • Very acceptable or low taxes
  • Amazing nature (mountains, lakes, skiing, seasport etc)
  • One of the richest countries in the world
  • One of the world best health systems
  • Extremely high decentralizations to the 26 different cantons
  • Healthy climate – fresh air
  • High class life values
  • Stable political system
  • Switzerland is in the middle of Europe
  • One of the worlds best schools and universities
  • Many UHNW from UK choose Switzerland because of the Brexit

Why do millionaires and billionaires relocate to Switzerland?

Most millionaires and billionaires first priority are to live in a secure country with very low criminality, stable political system and good infrastructure.

Next to this come reasonable tax system or low tax and well organized, efficient public system.

But for most of these UHNW individuals, the nature and social life has to be high end class as well.

In our experience during many years, it seems that Switzerland fulfills most people´s dreams regarding these wishes.

Why purchase a Swiss property?

Most wealthy individuals choose to purchase a home when they have decided, where they will live in Switzerland.

The prices for properties in Switzerland have always been very stable and for the moment they increase by 2 reasons.

One is that many foreign people relocate to Switzerland. And the other reason is, that it has been very popular for people living in Switzerland to invest in properties thanks to the negative interests in banks.

Can I buy a Swiss property, if I am not resident in Switzerland?

Many people fall in love in a second home in Switzerland for example a chalet, ski apartment etc.

But can I purchase a second home in Switzerland, if I am not resident in Switzerland?

If the property´s status is a summer house, it should be possible. But if not you need to get a permission.

As we know, there are 26 different cantons in Switzerland, and there are different rules from canton to canton.

But if you have any wishes, we can help you to find out, if it is possible or not. Don´t hesitate to call us at +33 64 06 16 500 or email us at

Schools in Switzerland

Many UHNW individuals with children, actually moves to Switzerland because they want their child/children to have one of the best educations in the world. We can help you.

Kindergardens in Switzerland

In most countries of Europe, kindergardens are okay. But in Switzerland the safety is one of the highest priority, why UHNW appreciate to have their children in kindergarten here.

The service is in top, flexibility is in top, and you always feel very welcome.

Universities in Switzerland

Many parents move to Switzerland to give their children one of the best university education in the world. There are a high level of discipline and most students have ambitions, which means it is a perfect place to study, if you really want to progress and have good results.

Sport in Switzerland

In Switzerland you can enjoy all type of sport. Ski sport is of course a favorite for many people living here, but also watersport thanks to the many lakes.

Tax in Switzerland

There are 26 different cantons in Switzerland, and the taxes are very different from canton to canton. But in general you have 2 different tax systems in Switzerland.

You have of course a normal taxation system for personal income, capital gains on shares, bonds etc, dividends, interests, capital gains on real estate etc. But some people can qualify to a special tax system called “pauschalbesteurung” – or lump sum taxation.

If you want to be covered by this system, you are not allowed to work in Switzerland.

No matter how high your income is, you will only be taxed by the value of 7 times your rental of your home (or a calculated rental if you own your home yourself). It is just increased to 7 times from 5 times before.

That is the main procedure of this tax regime, but in many cases it is a negotiation between you and the local tax authorizations.

In short term we can say, that you can have a very low tax rates in Switzerland compared to many other countries.

How to relocate to Switzerland?

If you want to relocate to Switzerland, we can help you. But we need to know many things regarding your family situation, economy, whishes and needs before we can choose the right plan.

Citizens of Schengen countries can move to Switzerland without a visa but have to apply for a residence permit for stays exceeding three months.

There are no restrictions on how many EU/EFTA/Schengen citizens can immigrate to Switzerland and obtain a residence permit annually

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Resident card

When you move to Switzerland you have to apply for a residence permit. If you come from a Schengen country, you don´t need a visa.

Health insurance in Switzerland

You need to have a health insurance when you relocate to Switzerland. There are many Swiss insurance companies offering this. But there are foreign companies doing the same as well.

We can guide you to a professional broker.

How to open a bank account in Switzerland

Like all other places it is important to have a bank in the country where you live.

But which bank, you should choose, depend of your needs and wishes. There can be very huge differences in service and prices for the products.

We can guide you, but we need to make an analyse of your needs. Call us at +33 64 06 16 500 or email us at

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