About Us

We are a real estate agency, headed by Helle Skovby and Michael Skovby Nielsen, which, for more than 20 years, has been arranging property sales and purchases in France
- mostly high-end properties on the French Riviera.

Helle Skovby is educated Danish real estate agent and she is trained by the former Chairman of the French entrepreneur organization. She has extensive experience (more than 20 years) in judicial and practical matters concerning buying and selling real estate.

Michael has more than 25 years of experience in international property deals, financial matters and cross border tax matters, he has published works including two books in collaboration with Deloitte and one with KPMG.

We have a more efficient way of dealing with French property matters because we have applied the experience, we have gained in dealing with properties not only in France, but in Denmark, Germany, Swiss, Monaco and Spain. Most estate agents in France only have experience if French matters, which limits theme somewhat.

We have great respect for your time. We know exactly what we are good at,
and we can both create good results for you while you safe time and do what you are good at.

And if you sell or purchase a real estate through our agency, you will get tax and legal advice included.

You can read more or less everything regarding real estate, taxes, inheritance etc. in our e-book at 52 pages for free!

E-book for Free

We have made an e-book
"The ultimate guide to purchasing and selling real estate, tax- and wealth matters in France".

You can have it for free.

Give us a call at +33 64 06 16 500 or +33 64 39 14 317

Skovby Luxury

Helle Skovby & Michael Skovby Nielsen

Phone Helle: +33 64 06 16 500
Email Helle: hs@helleskovby.dk

Phone Michael: +33 64 39 14 317
Email Michael: mn@helleskovby.dk